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Since 2008, Lucci Music's private music lessons exclusively in Colorado Springs has existed as a place to learn to play and grow at your own pace with your goals in mind. We are here to help fill in the gaps wtih private music lessons and build a solid foundation no matter the student's level. While learning the fundamentals, it's imparative that we also guide and encourage our students to really start playing music. The drills, theory, and exercises are all necessary - and can be fun - but with expert help, we show you how to put it together in application and get results.

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Lucci Music takes immense pride in our professional music instructors, chosen from hundreds of yearly applicants in Colorado Springs, and around the country. Rest easy knowing our music experts mentor each student to be the best they can be, and give them the tools to continue to excel. It is our pleasure to treat each student as an individual and encourage them to have fun, stick to their goals, and expand their musical horizons without limitations. We believe even beginners should have affordable access to experts.

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Not just private music instruction, but a music community you cannot find anywhere else. We connect our students together and take pride in their achievements. Taking an advanced approach - much further than just how to "play your favorite songs" or "how to rock." With an entrusted investment of private music lessons at Lucci Music, students will learn the theory, ear-training, scales, foundation, and professionalism behind much of the music they love, no matter how basic the music, or beginner the student. There is no risk to try out a free lesson:

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