Repairs and Upgrades

Over 30 years combined experience in expert amplifier, guitar and instrument repair.

Expert luthier guitar repair in Colorado Springs

Experience Matters

Our repair technicians have decades of luthier and detailed woodworking experience and love to continually expound on their education and skill sets

Music Instrument Advisors Colorado Springs

Industry Professionals

We continually rub shoulders with the industries finest technicians, staying up to date and ahead of the curve with the latest techniques and tools.

Knowledge and Expertise

Knowledge and Expertise

We love sharing our insights on the best gear and upgrades we find. Rely on our deep passion and experience to make sure you are 110% satisfied

Beautiful restoration on precious gems

from guitars like a 71’ Chet Atkins Gretsch, a 62’ Strat or 60’s Jaguar signed by Leo by himself, to vintage Marshall Amps, old Kalamazoo Acoustic guitars, and violins. We understand how to keep the value in your vintage gear. Even professional upgrades on pedals and amps, broken guitar necks, and installing new pickups, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right repair or upgrade decision.

By the way, we KNOW tubes!

In building ToneVille amps, we've researched and tested everything from the highest quality new production tubes, to the wide range of new-old-stock (NOS) tubes, and everything in between. We can even fine tune your amp, upgrade transformers,and replace electrolytic capacitors to bring the full life back into your amp.

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