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"I have been taking guitar, bass, voice and drum lessons here for several years. Before becoming a student with Lucci Music I tried other private instructors around town. Even ones recommended by Pikes Peak Community College as part of their music program. But I have never learned as much or experienced such great professionalism as I have with Lucci Music. My girlfriend, sister, best friend, and other family and friends have taken lessons here and they agree with me that this place is incredible. Amazing teachers who are also amazing performers and prices/plans that are affordable and flexible. I think part of the reason I was successful is because of how well organized everything is. Way to go Lucci Music."

- David (Business Owner)

Amazing Lessons‎‎

"I have grown musically so much since I started taking lessons! The atmosphere and learning experience are professional. I feel like I've been given the right information at the right time in the right order, and never over-loaded with too much (or too little). Keep rockin' on!"

– Anonymous (Teacher)

I haven't looked back since

"After a years-long break from the guitar and musical performance, I turned to Lucci Music Studio for guitar lessons, and haven't looked back since. I've made strides with each weekly lesson, and my skill level, accuracy, and speed have increased tremendously (of course, you have to practice). If you're interested in starting a new instrument, or picking up an old love, head to Lucci for a one-of-a kind student-teacher relationship and watch your skill level improve. It's a smart investment in your musical growth and future."

– Mark S (News Channel Producer)

Taking lessons at Lucci Music has been a pleasure

"My friends and I have learned more in a couple months with our instruments than we have in a long time. The instructors are amazing musicians and as well superb teachers. We really feel like we are being mentored and guided along the right paths. Thanks for all you do guys!"

– Mary (College Student)

Great Place To Learn Music

"I've been taking lessons from Matt Lucci for two years now. Before I started lessons I had never had any music lessons. Now I can play the guitar comfortably and continue to learn more every week. I'd recommend taking lessons here to anyone interested in learning how to play an instrument - especially guitar."

– Chris S (Full-time Programmer)


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