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Lucci Music is Colorado Springs' premier music school for Violin Lessons.

High-quality musical violin rentals in Colorado Springs

High-quality in-house rentals

Violin rentals are offered to our current and prospective students in Colorado Springs, just stop on by the shop to get set-up, and no contracts to sign.

Anyone can learn the violin in Colorado Springs

Everyone is Welcome

Our lessons are enjoyed by students ages 2-82! Everyone benefits from the attention of private lessons. We pride ourselves on a carefully curated group of professional instructors.

Violin Lessons to Recital Performance

Real learning. Real goals.

A different teaching philosophy than just how to "play your favorite songs" or "how to rock." With an investment at Lucci Music, students will learn the theory, ear-training, chordal progressions, scales, and the foundations behind much of the music they love.

Studio professional instructors

Chosen from hundreds of yearly applicants in Colorado and around the country with a heart to mentor each student as an individual. Early coursework for violin lessons will emphasize positioning, bow hold and placement, scales and arpeggios, rhythm, intonation and shifting. As a student’s skills develop, musicality – the ability to interpret a piece with feeling as opposed to a mechanical repetition of notes, becomes the focus in our Violin Lessons.

What to Expect

Our violin and viola teachers will instruct a variety of styles during their lessons. Our instructors will show you how to read and understand music and develop a solid technique. Theory is also part of the regiment, but we also incorporate songs you want to play into your lessons. When learning a String Instrument such as violin, bow control and intonation are most essential to becoming a better overall musician. Our teachers will work with you diligently to achieve those goals. Our string teachers are passionate about music and make learning the violin fun. So don’t wait to take Violin Lessons with us at Lucci Music!

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